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Hello Out There, We’re On The Air, It’s The Stanley Cup Game 3 Open Thread Tonight

women playing outdoor ice hockey in the 1930s
AFP via Getty Images

Hell yeah, gang. It's time for some Sun Belt hockey in Edmonton! Let's settle in for a very intriguing Game 3 between the Stars and the Lightning where every conceivable outcome appears to be on the table. (More than anything, I get the feeling Corey Perry's gonna end up in a brawl.)

Through every goal, every power play, every icing, Kelsey McKinney and I will be chatting with you down below. If you're not quite feeling all the way hyped yet, here's something that'll do it.

All right, let's play.

Update (10:44 p.m. ET): That's it! Thanks for watching the Lightning dominate with us. Sleep tight.

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