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Times are still, as you know, quite hard. So tonight I come to you with an offering: Platypus Cam. Specifically, I'm talking about the platypus camera at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. According to the California Sun newsletter, which broke the news to me about the camera, the safari park is the only zoo outside of Australia with platypuses.

My suggestion: Leave up platypus cam during the day and click over whenever you start to feel upset or overwhelmed, which might be understandably often. The platypuses swim pretty fast, so you'll only get brief glimpses, but that's enough to remind you that not everything is awful. How great is a world that includes the mighty and adorable platypus! Just don't think too much about how these adorable platypuses can produce venom.

Thank you for your continued support of Defector. We'll do it all again, same time, same place, tomorrow.

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