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Delightful Masshole Shares Her Simple Reason To Vote

A woman holding a Dunkin' iced coffee and wearing a Patriots jersey and New England sports facemask
Image via WHDH 7News

Over the weekend, there was a perfect local news clip of a woman in a Cam Newton Patriots jersey and New England sports facemask toting a large Dunkin' iced coffee as she espoused the merits of voting. As Spencer Buell of Boston magazine found out, it was slightly too perfect, although the star of the moment wasn't exaggerating by much.

"I wanted to vote at Fenway because we've all been cooped up inside for a little bit, and I got my Dunkies," she said. "And I'm ready to vote for Joe Biden but I wish I was voting for Bernie Sanders, but it's a team sport."

Laura Eastaugh intentionally made herself appear like the biggest Masshole in the state when she went to go vote at Fenway Pahk, but as she revealed to Buell, she was wicked pumped to vote at the home of the Sawks and does support Bernie Sanders. The accent isn't her default, but she developed it through her job:

The thing is, Eastaugh doesn’t actually talk like that. At least, not all the time. “It might have been a little performance art,” she says over the phone, with a decidedly less Boston twang.She tells me she perfected the accent seen in the video years ago while working in child support enforcement for the Massachusetts Department of Revenue, where she learned that it came in handy. “I’ve always lived in Boston, so I’m not faking a Boston accent or anything like that,” she says, but “when I would use my cute girly voice like this sometimes people would walk all over me on the phone, so I started doing an exaggerated Boston accent, and people stopped trying to fight with me on the phone so much.”

Boston magazine

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