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Daryl Morey: Not Annoyed

Simmons maybe sleeping with his eyes open at practice on Monday.
Screenshot: NBC Sports Philadelphia

Philadelphia 76ers general manager Daryl Morey is digging in, saying on a Philly radio show that he is not going to let Ben Simmons go for anything less than a difference maker. This assumes of course, as Morey says explicitly, that Ben Simmons is a difference maker himself, something that was true at some point and still might be true at some point in the future, but right now is extremely not true at least in any positive sense, as Ben Simmons is choosing to not engage with the team.

In any case, Morey is definitely not annoyed by this objectively maddening saga. He will simply keep hugging Simmons nice and tight until Simmons succumbs or finds a way to wriggle free.

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