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Contained Within This Post Is A Comprehensive Preview Of Every Goddamn Team In The Women’s World Cup

A general view of the fanfestival in Brisbane, Australia ahead of the FIFA Women's World Cup 2023 which begins on the 20th July jointly hosted by Australia and New Zealand.
Zac Goodwin/PA Wire

Over the past couple weeks Defector has been publishing team-by-team World Cup previews. Below you will find links to all of these previews, so that you may easily access them and learn how to pretend to be an international soccer expert during the event.

New Zealand Can’t Blow This Chance To Break Its World Cup Losing Streak

Norway’s Quest For Redemption Starts Now

Switzerland Is Back At The World Cup, But For How Long?

The Philippines Have A Little Something Going On Here

The Matildas Have Australia’s Hopes On Their Shoulders

Ireland Is Ready To Keep Singing At Their First World Cup

Canada Needs A Win, And They Might Just Get One

Nigeria Could Be Headed For World Cup Disaster

Can Costa Rica Sneak Up On The World Again?

Spain Is A Big Ugly Mess With Some Extremely Cool Players

Zambia Is Here For A Good Time, And Maybe Even A Long Time

Japan Climbed The Mountain Once, And Now They Need To Do It Again

England’s Last Step Will Be The Hardest

Haiti’s The Underdog With The Biggest Dog

Denmark’s Ready To Make Their Return To The World Cup Count

China Has A Hard Path Back To World Cup Glory

The USWNT Is Under Pressure, And That’s Bad News For The Rest Of The World

Vietnam’s World Cup Debut Could Be Short And Sweet

The Netherlands Will Find Life At The World Cup Much Harder This Time Around

Portugal Is Finally Where It Ought To Be

France Is Riding The High Of Defeating A Shitty Boss

It’s Time For Jamaica To Grow Up

It’s Brazil Versus Time At This World Cup

Panama Has Done Its Job Simply By Making The World Cup

This Could Finally Be Sweden’s Year

South Africa Brings Continental Dreams To The World Stage

Argentina Is Just One Win Away From A New Era

Italy’s Getting There, Slowly, Maybe

It’s All Set Up For Germany To Reclaim World Cup Glory

Morocco Is Serious

Can South Korea Finally Break Out At The World Cup?

Colombia Is Ready To Shock The World Again

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