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Carlos Boozer’s Alarming Visage Wants To Give You Betting Advice

Carlos Boozer looking very strange
Screenshot: Twitter

One thing that has fascinated me about the sports betting gold rush that continues to transform how sports are marketed and broadcast in this country is how cheap everything still looks. Billions of dollars of marketing dollars have been spent, high-profile licensing deals have been struck, and yet the best the new world of gambling-focused media has to offer us is two hours of a drunk and sullen Paul Pierce watching a basketball game. Nobody is putting any effort into this shit.

Or maybe too much effort? I'm not exactly sure how to explain what led to Carlos Boozer, who now has a deal with some damn sports blog, producing videos like this one:

Is it too much or too little attention to detail that brings us the uncanny and over-buffed face of a two-time NBA all-star looming over a phone camera and delivering betting advice? Are we all suddenly living in the last level of Star Fox?

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