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Can You Even Bring Yourself To Care About Gregg Williams’s Bullshit Anymore?

Gregg Williams
Photo: Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Jets defensive coordinator Gregg Williams is currently overseeing one of the worst defenses in the NFL. Among the evidence suggesting that the previous sentence is true are the facts that the Jets are 0-5 and have surrendered an average of 32.2 points per game. Williams was asked about his terrible, terrible defense during a press conference today, and delivered a truly breathtaking response:

"A lot of it's not all defensively," said Williams, explaining why his defense is giving up more than 30 points per game. When pressed about what exactly the hell that is supposed to or could even mean, Williams blithely dialed up the dipshit levels and sneered, "Yeah, you'd have to figure it out."

A defensive coordinator claiming that his defense is not totally responsible for all the horrible defending that it has been doing is plainly ridiculous, but maybe you, like me, felt compelled to hunt for some trace elements of meaning in a snippy response that Williams refused to explain himself. Is he implying that the offense has put the defense in too many tough positions by committing costly turnovers? Or maybe he's trying to say that the defense has been fatigued because the offense can't keep possession of the ball long enough to give their teammates a rest? Is he negging the punter?

I suppose a person could dive into the details of the Jets' five losses. Just do the whole thing—eat the tape, examine the drive charts, map out their opponents' average starting field position—and emerge with conclusive data that definitively prove that yes, actually, the Jets' defense is in fact responsible for all the points that have been surrendered by the Jets' defense.

Or maybe you, like me, quickly realized that there's no longer any reason to engage with Williams's constant need to simultaneously be the smuggest and most victimized person in the room. He's been a malignant presence in the NFL for almost three decades now, and during all those years he's never excelled at any aspects of his job beyond being psychopath in private and an embarrassing blowhard fraud in public, neither of which are technically even on his job description. That he's still around to carry on being an embarrassing fraud while working a high-profile NFL job is remarkable, I suppose, and probably the closest thing to a clear success he's produced. Mostly, though, it's just exhausting. There's no point in trying to refute the sniveling and characteristically ineffective defense he made for himself today, because his entire career has been one long refutation of his abilities as a football coach.

The Jets suck. Gregg Williams sucks. That's really all there will be to say about either party for as long as they remain in our lives. So let's leave it at that.

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