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Call Of The Ice Bath, With Chris Bosh

Author Chris Bosh, seen here during his playing days.

No League Cleans Up Its Own Mess Worse Than Baseball

Gerrit Cole of the Yankees rubs up a baseball, with what we can presume is nothing at all, just a normal thing you do with your hands.

Napoleonic Wars, Baseball Cheating, And Pandemic Television, With Michael Schur

Gerrit Cole, seen here looking uncomfortable on the mound, if notably less uncomfortable than he seemed when asked whether he cheats.

The NBA Playoffs And The Defenestration Of Boston, With Rohan Nadkarni

Brad Stevens, seen here contemplating a future in which he doesn't have to coach anymore.

Caitlyn Jenner: As Governor, I Will Cancel Cancel Culture And Wake Up The Woke

Caitlyn Jenner at the Los Angeles Women's March in 2020.

The Ocean Of Time And The Lighter Side Of Extinction, With Peter Brannen

This is a photo of a rock formation in Oman, I just thought it looked neat.

Team USA’s Preliminary Roster Is A Damn Symphony Of Baseball Guys

Matt Wieters, seen here catching for the Cardinals in a 2019 game.

A Hater’s Guide To Every Postseason, With Lauren Theisen And Albert Burneko

Russell Westbrook contemplates the void, and The Distraction logo.

Tony La Russa Should Just Stay In His Office

Chicago White Sox manager Tony La Russa, seen here trudging towards the pitcher's mound.

Senators Owner Eugene Melnyk Sues Yacht Captain After Nightmare Christmas Vomit Cruise

Eugene Melnyk, cast here as Thurston Howell III in a remake of Gilligan's Island.

What Are They Doing To The Baseballs, With Will Leitch

Jarred Walsh of the Angels seen here getting frustrated after striking out, or remembering he's on the Angels.

Florida Blogger: Even The Horses Are Junkies Now That Trump Is Not President Anymore

Horse Racing
Medina Spirit leads down the stretch at the 147th Kentucky Derby.

Mookie Betts Tagged Outrageously In Dick And Balls

Mookie Betts an instant before something bad happens to him.

Curt Schilling Demands More Centaurs, With Jason Schreier

An extremely well-stocked section of Nintendo games at a store in Tokyo.

Tommy Tuberville Is At Home In The Senate

Senators Week
Sen. Tommy Tuberville questions Joe Biden's HHS Secretary nominee about, let's say, cancel culture.

Which U.S. Senator Would Most Thoroughly Be Obliterated By A Single Check From Brady Tkachuk?

Senators Week
Brady Tkachuk of the Ottawa Senators checks Auston Matthews, much as he might check Ted Cruz

How To Duff The NFL Draft, With Tyler Dunne

An array of football helmets set up in anticipation of the NFL Draft.

Postcards From The Goblin Realm, With Ashley Feinberg

Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump at the 2020 GOP Convention, looking great.

It’s All Happening For Corbin Burnes

Milwaukee pitcher Corbin Burnes throws a pitch in a game against the Minnesota Twins.

Great News: It’s Filbert’s Birthday

Defector Up All Night
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