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A’s Reliever Trevor May Retires, Tells Owner To “Take Mommy And Daddy’s Money Somewhere Else”

Managing Partner John Fisher of the Oakland Athletics in the stands during the game against the Chicago Cubs at RingCentral Coliseum on April 17, 2023 in Oakland, California. The Cubs defeated the Athletics 10-1.
Michael Zagaris/Oakland Athletics/Getty Images

Delivering a hearty "fuck you" to one's boss is a fantasy shared by all people who have ever had a job. Professional athletes may not have much daily contact with the men who sign their checks, but that doesn't mean they don't harbor as much ill will toward those losers as everyone else does for their own shift managers and executive directors.

Consider veteran reliever Trevor May, who announced his retirement on Twitch Monday. May played nine years in the big leagues, the last of which he spent closing games for the Oakland A's. That experience provided him with an insider's view of what was one of the most dispiriting seasons in A's history, during which the team's worthless owner, John Fisher, finally began slouching the A's towards Las Vegas and did everything he could to keep fans out of the stadium (he wasn't always successful). Based on what he had to say during his retirement announcement, May's time in Oakland did not leave him with much respect for Fisher's stewardship of the team.

"Sell the team, dude," said May. "Sell it, man. Let someone who actually takes pride in the things they own own something. There's actually people who give a shit about the game. Let them do it. Take mommy and daddy's money somewhere else, dork. And also, if you're just gonna be a greedy fuck, own it. There's nothing weaker than being afraid of cameras. ... Do what you're gonna do, bro, you're whatever, you're a billionaire, they exist, you guys have all this power. You shouldn't have any because you haven't earned any of it."

Fisher, who inherited his money from his parents, the co-founders of The Gap, has been the majority owner of the A's since 2005. He's spent most of his tenure fielding teams with skeletal payrolls while trying and failing to convince the city of Oakland to build him a new stadium. Having finally given up on that, he's now trying to get Las Vegas to build him a stadium so that he can move the A's there after the 2024 season.

Not that anyone who lives in Oakland and enjoys baseball was ever in danger of having a kind thought about Fisher enter their head, but he's going to have a hard time shaking the label May just put on him for as long as he remains a part of MLB. He may yet get that fancy new stadium he so desperately wants and become the proud owner of the Las Vegas A's, but he'll always be a dork with too much of mommy and daddy's money.

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