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College Football

An Eight-Lateral Touchdown Doesn’t Have To Count To Be Awesome


Screenshot: FS1

There is no good reason to watch an Indiana-Rutgers college football game. There are simply better things to do and think about. So don't feel bad about not witnessing this play live, but do take time today to appreciate this moment of madcap beauty, authored by Rutgers in the final minutes of their loss to Indiana.

Does it matter that this play didn't count, just because one of those laterals traveled a yard or two forward? I do not think that matters.

What matters is how fucking funny this is. We've all seen wild lateral plays before, but I don't believe I've ever seen one that featured an offensive lineman batting a lateral into the ground, recovering the ball on the bounce, holding it tightly to his chest while opponents pile onto his back, and then blindly flinging the ball over his head.

That's Raiqwon O'Neal stealing the scene, and I would like to thank him for reminding me of one of the biggest reasons why I love to watch sports. Sure, I like to see incredible athletes run and jump and do impossible things, but I also like to laugh. I don't think I'll see anything else this year as funny as O'Neal desperately, divinely hucking that ball over his head.

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