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All Pitch-Invading Dogs Must Be Adopted By Their Rescuer

Good dog
Screenshot: Reuters

There are few internet videos more enjoyable than those of pitch-invading doggies. Who doesn’t love to see a scruffy pal frolic around a giant field of green grass?

And yet, each entry into the genre has the potential to evoke a twinge of worry. Yes, it’s fun to watch the dog make an adorable mess of a professional soccer game, but what happens to it after it’s removed from the field? Is it taken to a depressing shelter? Cast out into the streets like a mangy cur? These are not fun things to think about!

So here is a gift, in the form of a dog-interrupts-soccer-game video that comes with the happiest possible ending.

Haha, yes! Good dog! He even brought his own footwear!

And now for the happy twist: According to Página Siete, the player Raul Castro, who ended up carrying the dog off the field, will be adopting the little rascal, who is now named Cachito, himself.

So that’s how this works now. If you are playing in or attending a soccer game and you find yourself removing a dog from the field, that dog belongs to you. Be sure to keep this in mind going forward.