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Aaron Rodgers Has Spoken With Jeg

Image via I Can Fly

What's Aaron Rodgers been up to since missing his chance to become Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s running mate? Well, he's been talking with Jeg.

Jeg Coughlin III, that is. Of course you know him as the son of renowned NHRA driver Jeg Coughlin Jr., who himself is the son of renowned auto parts magnate Jeg Coughlin Sr., who founded JEGS High Performance in 1960. If you would like more information about these Jegs, please visit

The youngest Jeg, the Jeg that we find ourselves concerned with today, also hosts a podcast called I Can Fly. The show has a little over 1,700 subscribers on YouTube, and this week welcomed Aaron Rodgers for a 2.5-hour chat. One portion of this conversation was labeled as "The Power of Words and Spells" on YouTube's segmented tracking bar. After clicking on that segment I saw a man who is not Aaron Rodgers or Jeg say, "I saw this thing about how the alphabet and letters were created from the constellations." I wonder what Jeg thought of that?

Anyway, that's what Aaron Rodgers, Jeg, and this other guy have been up to. Jets training camp starts in August.

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