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Worst Places To Get A Mosquito Bite, Ranked

Mosquito bite on a foot
Photo courtesy of Laura Wagner |

A photo of a mosquito bite on the top of a foot, the second worst place to get a mosquito bite.

It's mosquito time, and the little fuckers are ready to feast. Here are the worst places to get a 'squito bite, ranked from absolute worst to less worse:

    1. The slightly wrinkled skin on the back of the ankle just above the heel
    2. Top of the foot
    3. Toe
    4. Back of knee
    5. Ankle bone
    6. Bottom of foot
    7. Ear
    8. Elbow
    9. Front of knee
    10. Crease between upper and lower arm
    11. Knuckle
    12. Wrist
    13. Shoulder blade
    14. Calf
    15. Butt cheek
    16. Face
    17. Torso
    18. Shin
    19. Lower arm
    20. Upper arm

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