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We Turned David Roth And Cardboard Roth’s Journey Into A Short Film

The title card for "Roth and Roth: A Cardboard Cutout's Journey"

When last we left David Roth and Cardboard Roth, they had achieved the goal of strengthening Defector's financial independence via sweepstakes, and we had revealed a lucky winner who lived basically in Roth's neighborhood. At the time, we promised that the Roths' journey would be circuitous and entertaining for everyone who contributed, even if they hadn't won. With that in mind, we present to you the short film Roth and Roth: A Cardboard Cutout's Journey.

In the interest of transparency, there was something like an advance screening a couple of weeks ago when we emailed the final cut to everyone who had entered the sweepstakes. The early response was encouraging, with YouTube comment reviews such as "Incredible," "Tyler Thigpen," and "I never considered ironing pants on a coffee table before."

We hope everyone enjoys the finished product. Many of your favorite pals are in this, and also Ray Ratto. The MPAA did not watch our movie, but it would probably be rated PG-13 for language and comic mischief.

As always, thank you for your continued support of Defector.

Starring: David Roth, Dan McQuade, Lauren Theisen, Ray Ratto, Diana Moskovitz, Drew Magary, Israel Daramola, and Patrick Redford

Produced by Faction Media Group

Music by K. Liakos

Thanks to Leigh Andrews and Mariah-Lynn Andrews

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