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Video Shows Antonio Brown Exposing Himself At Dubai Hotel Pool

Former wide receiver Antonio Brown sexually harassed a woman and exposed himself at a hotel pool on May 14 in Dubai, according to a video published Saturday by the New York Post. Brown put his bare backside in the woman's face, tried to tie a head scarf around her, and later picked her up and tossed her in the water, all while a group watched and laughed. After she swam away, he pulled out his penis, which is where the clip ends.

The woman in the video had just met Brown, was upset about what happened, and "was later spotted inside the hotel yelling and complaining to others about the incident," per the Post report. Brown was kicked out of the hotel afterward:

Brown was asked to leave the hotel shortly after the incident, according to a hotel staffer who requested anonymity. The hotel had also received earlier complaints from other guests about Brown’s antics, the source said.

The complaints included Brown allegedly snubbing United Arab Emirates dress-code customs by flaunting his bare chest to guests inside the hotel, and smoking what they believe smelled like marijuana in his room, which would violate the country’s law.

Hours after the video was published, Brown tweeted an uncommonly coherent statement claiming that the woman took his swimsuit. That wouldn't explain why he chose to then sit up and show his dick to everyone around him.

Man. Tom Brady let this guy stay in his house on two different occasions because he wanted to win football games that badly.

This kind of behavior isn't new for Brown. In the past, his former trainer Britney Taylor and an unnamed artist he hired each said that he exposed himself in front of them, among other accusations of sexual misconduct. Brown reached a settlement with Taylor in 2021; the artist didn't file a lawsuit, but Brown sent her threatening texts after she talked to Sports Illustrated.

Maybe you're wondering if there's a reason to keep tabs on Brown anymore, since he's no longer on a football team's roster and most likely won't get another chance in the NFL. It's convenient to believe that he's out of sight, but the reason he was in Dubai was so he could walk out with his friend Floyd Mayweather Jr. at his exhibition fight. While I don't expect high standards from a boxing event in the UAE, I'd argue that the guy who gets to model on a runway at New York Fashion Week and has his dance from his janky rap song mimicked by football players everywhere isn't gone, but just occupying another area of fame. There are plenty of people with money who are willing to treat Antonio Brown like he's an offbeat character because he'll bring them attention, and plenty of people whose jobs are to turn that attention into something lucrative or beneficial, even if this video and his lengthy history of misconduct show that he's a legitimate menace to anyone unfortunate enough to be around him.

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