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Transactions, February 16

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Defector has been publishing blogs for a little over five months now, and during that time we've made a few additions to the site. Let's get you acquainted with them!

Back in September, Justin Ellis came aboard as our projects editor. Since then he's been hard at work editing blogs and features while also publishing some fine work of his own. Justin's written for all sorts of prestigious publications throughout his career, and before joining Defector worked as an editor at ESPN The Magazine and a researcher on Wyatt Cenac's Problem Areas. He's also writing a book!

Yesterday was Laura Wagner's first day as a staff writer. Many of you are probably already familiar with the work she did with us at our previous place of employment, but she's spent the last year publishing even more good shit at Vice. Remember that whole Jeffrey Toobin thing? Laura broke that story. She also exposed a culture of abuse at a shitty Yoga company and made Alex Berenson look stupid as hell.

And on Monday we will be welcoming Kalyn Kahler as a staff writer. She's previously worked at Sports Illustrated and Bleacher Report. You may be familiar with her story about the Bears' absurd kicker tryout, her three-part feature about Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila getting tangled up in an apparent cult, or her story about how much the Lions hated Matt Patricia.

Now we'll get back to writing good blogs that you want to read. This announcement is over.

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