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Senators Week

The Senate Highlight Of The Day Is The Snowball Moron’s Speech

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This week, Defector has chosen to curate a collection of writing inspired by two entities that have had an indelible effect on North America: the upper house of the United States Congress and Eugene Melnyk’s pro hockey team. This is Senators Week.

These days the United States government is sodden with upsetting weirdos whose entire theory of politics boil down to nothing more complicated than Triggering The Libs. And you better believe these freaks know how to Get Epic in the pursuit of their goals.

But before Tree Puncher, Gun Psycho, QAnon Lady, Eyepatch Dolt, and the Blockheaded Sex Pervert could run, others had to walk. One of the trailblazers for today's brand of politics as trolling is Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe. For it was he who took to the Senate floor in 2015 and used his superior wit to demonstrate that climate change is not real:

Inhofe, who has held his office since 1994, is basically the worst possible guy. Not only does he remain a climate change denier, he also once introduced legislation that would have made English the national language of the United States. He also wanted to pass a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage! He’s also constantly being investigated for insider trading. He sucks big-time.

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