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Senators Week

Senators Week Has Convened

Illustration by Jim Cooke

Today is the beginning of Defector's first-ever theme week: Senators Week. What is Senators Week? Well, starting today, the bulk of our blogging output will be inspired by two entities that have had an indelible effect on North America: the upper house of the United States Congress and Eugene Melnyk’s pro hockey team.

Why are we doing this? I don't exactly know, to be honest. There was an editor's meeting a few weeks back in which we were all laughing about how many blogs we had written about the Ottawa Senators, and then Samer said something about how it'd be a fun bit to dedicate an entire week to blogging about senators in their various forms and, well, here we are. Over the next few days you can expect lots of in-depth coverage of the hockey team most favored by sickos around the globe, some rudely expressed opinions about those clowns in Congress, and plenty of stuff that can most easily be described as "weird."

Will we in one short week squander all of the goodwill we spent the last few months earning from our readers? Possibly. Will we totally run out of ways to keep this bit going by Wednesday morning? Almost certainly. Will we ignore the cries from our friends, families, and subscribers to "please rethink this" and "come up with a different idea, literally any other idea, please, there cannot be another one that is as bad as this," and plow ahead anyway? You bet your ass we will.

OK, Senators Week begins now!

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