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Russell Westbrook Can’t Believe He Airballed A Free Throw Either

Screenshot: NBC Sports Washington

In a nice surprise, the Washington Wizards—a sorry, mostly pathetic team and not the endearing kind of pathetic—destroyed the fraudulent Celtics on Sunday afternoon, 104–91. Still, flickers of the Wizards' fundamental bleakness remained. In the second quarter, Russell Westbrook went to the stripe just as Celtics broadcaster Brian Scalabrine began the sentence "I just don't know when I watch Westbrook, does he have—" Westbrook interjected with an airballed free throw, providing this man a firm answer to whatever his question was.

Airballed free throws happen to even the best players, of course, but Russ set this one apart by staring quizzically at the rim for a few seconds—long enough for this delightful new face to be etched in basketball's compendium of expressive faces—all while his teammates got back on defense. (The Wizards actually played it, and it worked!)

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