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Ronnie O’Sullivan Unleashes Big Fart, Misses Shot

When you've farted
Screenshot: Eurosport

Snooker is a sport that's all about maintaining a high level of focus and staying locked in at all times, which is to say: A match is a bad time to start ripping ass. Here we have Ronnie O'Sullivan psyching himself out by letting fly during his match with Matthew Stevens. O'Sullivan jokes with the referee, settles down a bit, then misses what should've been an easy one.

Initially it seemed as if the official had flapped cheeks, but O'Sullivan later copped to it. "I dropped my guts," O'Sullivan told Eurosport. "I've had bad stomach problems for the last three months, I've been having tests in the hospital. I said to the ref, 'Was that you?' We had a laugh out there. But I'm taking full ownership of that one."

O'Sullivan went on to win 4-2, so perhaps this is a tactic for younger players to pick up. Relieve that stress.

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