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Sports Highlight Of The Day

The Sports Highlight Of The Day Is: Fast Reindeer

11:40 AM EST on December 2, 2021

I am embarrassed to admit I did not realize that reindeer are real until adulthood. Once I discovered that Santa was a terrible lie foisted upon me by my parents and society at large, I assumed it all was a lie. Elves were folklore too, why would the reindeer be real? Didn't make any damn sense that a deer could fly. Reindeer are, though, apparently real and they live in the far north. I have been to Iceland one time and what I learned there is that lots of things might exist in the very far north, because it's just so strange and magical there. Northern Lights exist. Are we sure elves don't? Are we absolutely certain reindeer have never flown?

I thought I was certain, until I saw this video:

Turns out, not only do reindeer exist, they're fast as hell! Look at this fuckin' reindeer!!! It's bookin' it! Running so fast! As one person tweeted, this mf is dashing through the snow!!!

Some quick googling informed me that reindeer can run almost 50 miles per hour!!!! Fifty miles per hour! I also learned that we can't be sure if this is a male or female reindeer because reindeer are one of the only species on earth where both sexes have antlers! They are real and magical!

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