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College Football

That’s Too Many Barfs

10:56 AM EDT on August 19, 2022

Scott Frost
Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

There are few industries in America where you can find as many abject failures being glorified and handsomely compensated as in college football. Case in point: Nebraska head coach Scott Frost.

You'll recall that Frost was hired to much fanfare in 2018. Governor Pete Ricketts, himself a shining example of failure being repeatedly rewarded, celebrated Frost's hire by declaring Sept. 1 Scott Frost Day. (The game that was supposed to be played against Akron that day was canceled due to storms. The Huskers lost to Colorado the next week.) Frost was hired to return the Cornhuskers program to the glory days of the '90s, and so far his attempts to do so have resulted in a 15-29 record. His most notable contribution to date is leading the program through an embarrassing and shoddy faux-season during the COVID-19 pandemic. Mission accomplished!

Obviously one should never expect humility from a college football coach, even one with a record as bad as Frost's, but I think it is at least reasonable to expect a guy who is performing this poorly to avoid doing things like going on the radio and bragging about how good his staff has become at abusing his players.

There are two possibilities here: Frost is either allowing his offensive line coach to torture his players, which should be grounds for dismissal in a sport that has a history of players dying on the practice field, or he is lying about letting his offensive line coach torture his players in order to convince people that he is a good coach. Neither option reflects well on Frost, but at this point what does? This is just what Nebraska football is now: a hollow program with a guy who is equal parts moron and tyrant trying and failing to hold it all together.

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