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A full 25 percent of the fights on last night's Bellator 245 card ended in the exact same stupid way: a guy got hit in the dick-and-balls zone and the fight was declared a no-contest. The pair of ignominious endings came three fights apart, following the standard opener-to-headliner progression of increasing spectacle. Tyrell Fortune's knee up into Jack May's crotch region was brutal and direct, but it was only a preview of the devastation to be wrought on the main card opener.

Kickboxing star Raymond Daniels was matched up against Peter Stanonik, and their fight ended shortly into the second round when Daniels countered a kick from Stanonik with easily the harshest unintentional nutshot I have ever seen. The splitscreen footage, of Stanonik writhing around on the floor in clear agony, whimpering "Oh my God," while the slo-mo replay runs of his eggs being scrambled, made me curdle. Daniels is a devastating power striker with 22 professional kickboxing KOs, so this is essentially as destructive as it gets.

Incredibly, the fight-ending kick came just after Daniels leveled Stanonik with the same strike. Stanonik took the five full minutes to recover, stood back up with Daniels, only for the 40-year-old to counter with yet another ballsmasher. He's lucky to escape without a DQ for repeated crimes against his opponent's dong.

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