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Luka Doncic Floated In A Buzzer-Beater For The Ages

Luka Doncic celebrates after hitting a game-winner.

Justin Ford/Getty Images

Desperation heaves are a stylistic abomination. Only desperation floaters from here on. Everyone follow the lead of Luka Doncic on Wednesday night:

This buzzer-beater only gets sweeter with context: Grayson Allen, who is shooting 91 percent from the free-throw line this season, had just missed two at the stripe to leave the Grizzlies' lead over the Mavericks at two. What better appetizer for a beloved player's game-winner than a known villain eating shit?

The Mavs rebounded Allen's miss and called a quick timeout. Doncic caught the inbounds with 1.8 seconds to go and dribbled by Dillon Brooks while apparently catching his right foot on Brooks's foot, which sent him stumbling and ruled out normal footwork on a shot. So he let his momentum carry him into a leaning one-handed release with 0.2 on the clock. (Shame on Trae Young and Steph Curry for not having the three-point floater in their arsenal by now.) It's a fitting highlight for Luka, whose outlier skill may well be his balance, and the ideal way to cap off a particularly saucy game. This dude's career highlight reel is way too long for 22 years old.

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