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After Review, Kodak Black Was Not Fucking In Front Of Everyone At A Florida Panthers Game

In a rare moment of vulnerability, the nation's attention was gripped by a Canucks-Panthers hockey game Tuesday night—not by what happened on the ice, but by what happened between rapper Kodak Black and a woman in a box suite, within the sight lines of most of the reported 15,041 fans in attendance. Were they fucking?

You can't do that! Hypothetically, if someone wanted to hump in the middle of a pro hockey game without interruption, their best bet would be going to a Coyotes homestand.

The long-distance video, combined with the hunched posture of Kodak Black and a musical artist who goes by Vvsnce, really made it seem like they were fucking. It's ambiguous enough to make you at least consider that they might be fucking. But they were not fucking. She was twerking, and he was making some kind of noise. Vvsnce had said on her Instagram story that the hockey game was their second date.

That's the least objectionable thing Kodak Black has done in the past five years.

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