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Josh Jacobs Pulled A Fast One On All You Jokers

Josh Jacobs

Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Fantasy football players around the country woke up this morning with one urgent question on their minds: Was star running back Josh Jacobs going to suit up for the Raiders today? Many of those people might be looking at their phones right now to discover that they have been brutally owned.

Jacobs missed last week's game against the Jets, and his injury status remained up in the air during the week. But this morning it was reported by scoop hounds around the league that Jacobs would in fact be active against the Colts today.

Upon seeing that news, many fantasy football players probably shouted, "Nice. Gonna start Josh Jacobs!" at their disinterested family members. Unfortunately, that sense of joy was short-lived, as Jacobs took to his own Instagram account to announce that he would in fact not be playing today.

"Ohhh noooo, I gotta bench Josh Jacobs again!" moaned a bunch of people while they tried to figure out how to log into their fantasy football app on their first-generation iPads. At least those people were able to rest easy in the knowledge that they would not end up embarrassing themselves by starting an injured player. Nobody wants to do that!

Anyway, Josh Jacobs started at running back for the Raiders today. It appears he was just fucking with everyone. Please keep this guy in your thoughts:

Fantasy football is dumb.

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