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Josh Donaldson Gets The Boot For Kicking Dirt On The Plate After Home Run Trot

Josh Donaldson crosses home plate and gets ejected for kicking dirt over it
Fox Sports North

In the sixth inning of Thursday's game against the Chicago White Sox, Minnesota Twins third baseman Josh Donaldson believed himself to be swindled on a called strike on a 2-0 count in his at-bat against Reynaldo López. He made his displeasure known to umpire Dan Bellino, but quickly refocused to get the sweetest kind of revenge: a go-ahead dinger on the very next pitch.

After Donaldson trotted around the bases, neither him nor Bellino could contain his pettiness at home plate. Donaldson, while crossing to score the run, purposely kicked a bit of dirt onto the sacred pentagon, and the umpire refused to let it go. Bellino tossed Donaldson for trying to show him up in front of hundreds of cardboard cutouts, but that wasn't quite the end of their spat. The veteran made sure to backtrack and scuff the plate a little more before he hit the showers.

Here's an even clearer angle of this battle of egos.

Rewrite the rules and let the kids play.

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