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Glenn Greenwald Demonstrates Breathtaking Ignorance In Stunningly Arrogant Screed About Vaccine Hesitancy

Glenn Greenwald blogged Tuesday evening about Orlando Magic forward Jonathan Isaac answering media day questions about his COVID-19 vaccination status. The angle of Greenwald's blog, titled "An NBA Star and New York's Governor Show That Liberal COVID Discourse is Devoid of Science," is that Isaac has owned the liberals by managing to explain his vaccine hesitancy in relatively clear terms.

Greenwald writes:

The attempt to equate being unvaccinated with stupidity and ignorance suffered a massive blow on Wednesday night when NBA star Jonathan Isaac was asked why he was hesitant to take the vaccine. Like many unions, the NBA's player union has refused a vaccine mandate, and Isaac, the 23-year-old player with the Orlando Magic who previously had and recovered from COVID, gave a stunningly compelling, informed, well-reasoned and thoughtful exposition on his rationale for not wanting the vaccine. Isaac also defended the right of individuals to make their own choice. One need not agree with his ultimate conclusion on the vaccine to see how groundless (and obnoxious) it is to claim that anyone who chooses not to take the vaccine — like him — is stupid, ignorant and primitive.

At this point it should come as no surprise that a rich and powerful member of the elite media class—declaiming shamelessly from the safety of a decadent compound thousands of miles from the United States—lacks the requisite measures of perspective and decency that would prevent one from publishing an argument as ill-informed and rooted in outright falsehoods as it is offensive and counter-productive. And yet this is exactly what Greenwald, somehow able to publish the above words without choking on his own ignorance, has done in repeatedly describing Jonathan Isaac as an "NBA star."

Jonathan Isaac averages nine points per game, and is not an NBA star. He is butt.

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