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Dog Day Afternoon At The Salon

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There is a certain level of romanticism that comes with the idea of abruptly switching careers. Maybe it's boredom, or just a bad boss. Who doesn’t delight in the prospect of tossing off the shackles of the old gig and stepping into a fresh start, with all new coworkers and maybe even a brand-new you? But what would it take to make you jump ship? What would it take for you to go back to school and learn about doggy hair dye or dog extensions? Does the idea of celebrity dog shampoo endorsements awaken anything in you

Luckily, this week’s episode of Normal Gossip answers these questions and many more, with a tale that promises more insights into the lives of the overly wealthy and the grooming habits of their privileged four-legged companions. 

Our guest this week is Hayes Brown! Hayes Brown is a writer and editor for MSNBC Daily, MSNBC's digital opinion page, where he helps frame the news of the day for readers, and appears as an on-air guest on the network. Hayes was previously at BuzzFeed News, where he was the officially deputy world news editor. He also hosted Impeachment Today, a daily podcast covering the first Trump impeachment, and then co-hosted the podcast News O'Clock. His written work has also appeared in ThinkProgress, The Outline, Foreign Policy, and The Week, and he holds a degree in international relations from Michigan State University.

Hayes told Kelsey all about a friend-of-a-friend’s IRL diamond-studded romcom plot of a life. Then Kelsey introduced Hayes to the world of Houndstooth, an elite dog salon with an ever-growing clientele and a suspicious history of staff turnover. 

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(The transcript for this week’s episode can be found here.)

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