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The Sky Seized Their Championship Window And Championship Door

Screenshot: WGN News

The Phoenix Mercury's baffling fourth-quarter choke against the Chicago Sky in the deciding game of the WNBA Finals on Sunday was already kind of funny on its own, but Diana Taurasi made the situation a bit funnier. After congratulating the champions and leaving the court, she reportedly returned to the visitors' locker room at Chicago's arena and vented her post-loss frustration by "slamming the door multiple times," women's basketball site The Next reported. A photo accompanying that story showed the door had been cracked pretty badly down the middle. The Mercury players ducked their postgame media availability on Sunday, but held a session Monday evening back in Phoenix, where Taurasi would only say, "There were a lot of doors in there."

Perhaps you are familiar with the "Roman triumph," in which ancient Roman military guys would parade the spoils of war through ... I guess, Rome? In attendance at the Sky's championship rally and parade today was a collection of Chicago celebrities: Mayor Lori Lightfoot, Chance the Rapper, and, beside the DJ at stage right, the door.

This token of victory has seen better days, but it's good to see it up and about.

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