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Carson Wentz Is Looking Fresh And Tactical

Carson Wentz dressed in a camo blazer and goofy hat after the Commanders' win.
Image via CBS Sports

Defector has addressed every possible facet of the Washington Commanders this week, but it would be a shame if we didn't acknowledge Carson Wentz's PUA ROTC outfit after Thursday's win over the Bears. Head coach Ron Rivera vociferously defended his quarterback from criticism in the postgame presser, but he might've changed his tone if he had seen what Wentz was wearing.

It's possible that parts of this look would work on their own—a generous thought—but what's going on here says "Robin Hood if he spent too much time on Reddit," or "Cabela's magician." Combine an entire friend group of high school kids in New Hampshire, and you'd get this. Wentz looks like he's auditioning for a version of The Music Man set in an outer-ring Nashville suburb. If ESPN followed up that Michael Vick counterfactual with a “What if Cam Newton were white” article, this might be the lead image.

Is it the vibe of Kraven the Hunter going to a holiday party or a professor who teaches field dressing? Both are possibilities, but there is one certainty: This ensemble is not working.

Wentz finished the game 12-of-22 for 99 passing yards, so it would be wrong to say that his outfit was worse than his play. It's a pretty close call, though.

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