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BenWatch: Leaving His Ball And Going Home

Simmons maybe sleeping with his eyes open at practice on Monday.
Screenshot: NBC Sports Philadelphia

The highlight of Ben Simmons's first practice back with the Sixers was the presence of a peculiar rectangle in the Aussie's pocket. The highlight of Ben Simmons's second practice back with the Sixers was supposed to be a media session—A chance for humble reconciliation? The maintenance of a Lynchesque hardline? An opportunity to counterpunch?—but, ah, well:

According to numerous reports from all of our favorite prose stylists, Simmons kept up that same glum energy level from yesterday's practice and got kicked out after refusing to take part in a drill. Per Shams Charania, he "dropped the ball and left," to the confusing delight of Charania's NFL counterpart. Unlike Simmons, other prominent Sixers did talk to the media. A pricklier-than-usual Doc Rivers tried to convince everyone that the practice was great, and somehow played the It's an internal matter, why do you care so much? It's not a big deal card. Boring!

Thankfully, Joel Embiid actually said what he was feeling:

The Sixers' season starts tomorrow, though Simmons's suspension will elapse by the time the Brooklyn Nets come to town for a Friday night game on ESPN. The prospect of the Simmons and Kyrie Irving sagas intersecting is a true delight, and I hope they sit next to each other in the stands or something.

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