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All You Have To Do Today Is Watch Ja Morant’s Dunk

Screenshot: ESPN

Clear your schedule. Turn off your phone. Don't even think about reading or responding to an email. You won't be reachable at all today, because you are going to need to spend each of the next eight to 12 waking hours watching and re-watching what Ja Morant did last night.

You know how I know this is one of the best postseason dunks ever? Because it happened in the same game in which Morant sunk the game-winning layup with one second left on the clock, and yet it's this dunk that I woke up thinking about. It's not just that Morant exploded into the air and soared right through poor Malik Beasley that makes this dunk so memorable. It's that he, while a million miles in the air and absorbing contact from the jamoke standing underneath him, still had the presence of mind and panache to cock the ball back and tomahawk it through the hoop, as if he was showing off in a practice gym. If there's one thing you can count on Ja Morant to provide, it's a commitment to moving as quickly and violently as possible, at all times.

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