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The Defector Ideas Festival Left No Norm Unchallenged

On Tuesday night in Manhattan, Defector celebrated its second birthday by convening the first-ever Defector Ideas Festival. The ideas that were shared during the event were so heterodox, and so challenging of the neoliberal social order, that we cannot commit them to print, due to the fear that doing so would only embolden those who already seek to silence us.

However, due to the fact that we are committed to free and open discourse—more committed than you! More committed than anyone!—we have decided to make a small portion of the festival available to be viewed here. Do not watch this if you are not prepared to have your entire worldview challenged:

If you finished watching that and have found that you are not triggered, and that you have a desire to continue engaging in challenging discourse meant to deepen your passion for free inquiry, then you may view the rest of the Defector Ideas Festival on demand, right here.

Thank you to everyone who attended the event on Tuesday, and to all of our subscribers and readers who continue to support us. Our second birthday is actually on Saturday, so everyone say, "Happy birthday!"

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