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No. 10 Is In Utter Shambles

Ian Vogler – Pool/Getty Images

The only time it is fun to pay attention to British politics is when some scandal has caused Parliament to come together and spend the day yelling at each other, and from my Twitter feed I have gathered that just such a scandal has hit. Prime Minster Boris Johnson apparently appointed a known sex pest to his cabinet, and now everyone is going the hell in on him and telling him to resign, good sir! Resign now if you have any decency!

I won't attempt to explain what's happening over there any further, since I really do not know much about it at all, but I will direct your attention to a Twitter thread that has entertained me throughout the day. Sky News has been dutifully tweeting out an update every time one of Johnson's ministers resigns from their position, and never have I seen such an entertaining collection of British faces and names. Here are two of my favorites:

The Levelling Up department? Come off it, mate!

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