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Senators Week

Let’s Remember Some Senators

Photos: Dave Sandford/Getty Images; Paul J. Richards/AFP via Getty Images

Just the other day, during an organic discussion of Senators, someone on the Defector staff remembered Radek Bonk, while another person remembered Tom Daschle. Maybe you had forgotten about Radek Bonk and Tom Daschle, but now you remember both of them. Let's remember some other Senators:

Hiram Johnson
Paul Tsongas
Alexandre Daigle
Barbara Boxer
Saxby Chambliss
Frank Lautenberg
Ken Salazar
Alfonse D'Amato
Joe Cronin
Kay Bailey Hutchison
Wade Redden
Zell Miller
Goose Goslin
Pierre Salinger
Sam Houston
Barbara Mikulski
Henry "Scoop" Jackson
Jack Darragh
Margaret Chase Smith
Eddie Girard
Lincoln Chafee
Andrew Stevenson
Carl Levin
Evan Bayh
Birch Bayh
Leland Stanford
Jeff Flake
Jim Bunning
Patrick Lalime
Bob Graham
Antoine Vermette
Olympia Snowe
Sprague Cleghorn
Bob Torricelli
Eddie Yost
Joe Lieberman
Bill Nelson
Hillary Clinton
John Heinz
Robert F. Kennedy
Frank Howard
Arlen Specter
Sam Nunn
Kelly Loeffler
Daniel Inouye
Heinie Manush
Lawton Chiles
Zoilo Versalles
Orrin Hatch
Martin Havlat
Howell Heflin
Trent Lott
Marcus Junius Brutus
Paul Simon
Huey Long
Patrick Eaves
George Allen
Mike Epstein
Gaius Calpurnius Piso
Hiram Fong
Larry Craig
Norm Batherson
John Warner
Curtis Leschyshyn

Now you remember those Senators. Who are some other Senators you remember?

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