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College Football

Here Is The Most Futile Trick Play Of The Weekend, Possibly The Season, Maybe Even The Decade

Here's the situation: The Army Black Knights are trailing Tulane by 19 late in the fourth quarter, thanks in part to a disastrous fake punt they ran from their own 19-yard line. Surely the time to try another trick play on special teams is the very next time you touch the ball right?

Wrong, actually, although this did not prevent Army return man Tyrell Robinson from throwing an absolute strike to a Tulane defender and gifting the Green Wave an easy touchdown. Nice work.

For my money, the hilariously botched punt in the Washington-Oregon State game is much funnier, partially for its lengthy runtime, but mostly because the UW punter attempted to kick the ball through the considerable midsection of an opponent six inches away from him. This Army play has less of a formal three-act structure, but it still rules nonetheless for its utter futility. Truly we need to modernize our military for the fresh tactical challenges of a changing world or whatever the Brookings Institute says.

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