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Good News: Mike McDaniel Is Showering Again

Mike McDaniel
Megan Briggs/Getty Images

It's always seemed to me that first-year head coaches are a uniquely good resource for entertaining quotes. They tend to be younger, they haven't been getting grilled by the media long enough to be permanently adversarial, and their job security is at an all-time high, meaning they are just generally in a better mood every day. Perhaps this all explains how Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel started talking about how often he showers during a press conference today.

Quite a few funny things going on here, the first being that the original question was not in any way about personal hygiene. "How's your sleep schedule versus your last stops?" is a fairly tame question, and yet within 30 seconds McDaniels is saying, "I used to be able to really push it from game day to almost Wednesday without showering." Thank you for sharing, Mike! I will also direct your attention to the slight frown and shake of the head McDaniel adds in right after he says, "You prioritize that." As someone whose mouth frequently outpaces his brain, I know that head shake. That's the Wait wait wait why the hell am I saying this? Time to stop talking! Stop it! head shake.

Though I am glad to hear that McDaniel is generally cleaner than he was a year ago, I do wonder what sort of lifestyle his own assistants are now living. Hopefully their new boss can impart some valuable life lessons, so that they don't repeat the same mistakes he made.

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