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Announcing The Defector Media Youth Outreach Initiative For The Betterment Of Society

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Have you ever found yourself reading Defector and thought, “Wow, these are some really good blogs. Is there some way for me to make sure that the youths of America have ample opportunities to be exposed to these blogs, so that we may one day live in a society that truly appreciates good blogs?”

Or perhaps you are one of those aforementioned American youths, and you have found yourself reading a few free articles on Defector before running straight into the paywall. “Gah!” you surely exclaimed. “I would love to be able to pay to read more of these blogs, but I am just a youth without the financial means to support myself, let alone spend any money on access to blogs!”

Well I have good news: Defector has found a way to solve both of these problems. That is because we now have a functional tip jar, into which readers who would like to support us with more than just their subscription dollars can give us additional chunks of money whenever and however they see fit. 

Crucially, we will not be using these tips to subsidize our beer-drinking habits, or any other such flim-flam. What we are going to do is use the money we get through the tip jar to pay for complimentary subscriptions for students. What this means is that if you put $79 into the tip jar, you will effectively be paying for some youngster’s access to a one-year subscription to the site. Wow!

If you yourself are a youngster who would like a free subscription, or if you happen to know a youngster who would enjoy one, here’s all you need to do: send an email to with the subject line “Free blogs, please.” You must contact us from a .edu email address, or otherwise provide some compelling piece of evidence that you are in fact a high school, college, or junior college student and not just some fuckin’ guy looking for a deal. Whether we are able to provide you with a free subscription when you reach out will depend entirely on how much money we have in the tip jar at that point in time. But even if we don’t have enough funds to give you a free subscription on the spot, you will be added to a waitlist and offered a free subscription as soon as one becomes available. 

Together, we can ensure that more and more impressionable minds across the country become exposed to our bullshit. What cause could be more noble?

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