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Give The Gift Of Blogs And Gossip

Defector is widely recognized as an authority on hideously expensive holiday wares. However, fewer people know that we offer reasonably priced gifting options of our own. This season, give your loved ones the gift of blogs!

Reader and Pal subscriptions can be purchased HERE, and Friend and Friend-of-a-Friend subscriptions to Normal Gossip can be purchased HERE.

In a new twist this year, every Defector subscription comes with access to The Defector Crossword, a weekly puzzle launched this fall. Unfortunately, these gift subscriptions no longer come with a free beanie, because we finally gave away the last of the surplus stock from when we bought hundreds of them in 2021.

Gift subscriptions do still come with the knowledge of where your money is going and our deep, abiding gratitude to you for making Defector possible. Thanks again for your support. If you have any questions, our customer service team ( is happy to help.


Can I schedule a delayed send for a gift subscription (e.g., recipient only finds out on Christmas morning)?

Unfortunately our system does not currently allow for delayed sends. Upon checking out, your gift recipient will immediately receive an email alerting them to the gifted subscription. The best way to approximate a delayed send is to set yourself as the gift recipient, and then forward that email to your recipient on whatever day you’d like. (To redeem a subscription, your recipient just needs to click the link in that email–it doesn’t actually matter what email is set as the "recipient." But also: DO NOT click on the link yourself, if you're going to wait to forward the link.)

Can I gift a subscription to someone who already has an active Defector subscription?

Yes, the system will automatically tack newly-purchased gift access onto the end of an existing subscription. Nifty!