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Buy A Gift Subscription And Claim Your Rare, Limited Edition Defector Beanie

12:21 PM EST on November 29, 2022

It is once again the holiday season, which means it is once again time for your good buddies here at Defector to offer you a lifeline in the form of our gift subscription program. That's right, folks, we are once again making the process of buying a gift for the sports-, culture-, and creature-loving person in your life as simple and as painless as possible.

All you need to do is click this link right here and select which level of gift subscription you'd like to purchase, and fill out the address form at the bottom of the page. Within mere seconds you will have a meaningful portion of your holiday gift buying process done and dusted. Doesn't that sound nice? You could do so much with all the time we are going to save you, like enjoy a nice cold soda. And get this: If you buy a gift subscription, we will also send you a free Defector beanie, which you can either include as part of the gift to your pal or keep for yourself!

Perhaps you are wondering why we are giving away free beanies for a second consecutive year. The decision-making process that led to this result is Defector information, though I can assure you that the beanies once again being available has nothing to do with us ordering way too many last year and desperately needing to get rid of the rest of them. It has nothing to do with that! Our business acumen prevents us from falling into such situations.

We are getting off topic. The point is this: Buy someone you know a gift subscription to Defector. Click here and do it now!

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