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A. Andrews

A. Andrews is a thirty-something disabled queer/trans writer and illustrator. They spent the majority of their young life sketching in hospitals and experienced their first heartbreak at age 8 during Game 6 of the ’96 NBA championships. When they aren’t writing and drawing their guts out, they’re hanging with their dog, George, and drinking too many coffees. They will probably never tell you “what’s wrong with [them]” and you shouldn’t ask! They were named one of The Advocate‘s 2021 People of the Year, are a 2020 Tin House Summer Workshop scholar, and their debut graphic novel, A Quick and Easy Guide to Sex & Disability topped 2020 lists for the NYPL best books for teens, and YALSA’s best books for teens, and is available anywhere books are sold. You can find more of their work at Washington Post, Esquire, the Nib, and other fun corners of the internet.