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Media Meltdowns

Jackie MacMullan Delivers Mystifying, Short-Lived Joel Embiid Impression

Screenshot: YouTube

Jackie MacMullan, a major player in the New England NBA Take Economy, returned to The Bill Simmons Podcast on Tuesday to dispense her wisdom. Though she doesn’t have much to add to anyone’s understanding of professional basketball, she more than met market demand for unsettling, confusingly French impressions of Sixers star Joel Embiid.

She also swallowed the final “t” in “Caris LeVert,” so perhaps she’s deep in language acquisition mode. Fortunately, this impression (which was noticed by Embiid himself) was preserved for posterity by this Twitter user, because at time of writing, this section seems to have been stripped from all podcast feeds. Was Bill Simmons cowed once again by cancel culture? Sad.

We’ve reached out to The Ringer to inquire about the disappearance of MacMullan’s impression from the podcast, and will update this post if they respond.