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Things We Actually Like

From The People Who Brought You Boat: Bridge

We all wish we could be Boat, the plucky little Dutch boat who zoomed its way into our hearts. Boat is adventurous. Boat seeks new sights and new experiences. Boat is a go-getter. But sometimes, you’re not Boat. Sometimes—say, on a Friday afternoon of a week that’s felt eight million years long—you don’t want to move. Sometimes you want the world to come to you. Sometimes, you just wish you could be Bridge.


The Sports Highlight Of The Day Is: Boat

From the fine folks who created the beloved Boat video (dankje, Bas and the Timewriters) comes this glorious 4K timelapse of a week in the young life of Bridge, more formally the Suurhoffbrug, which was installed in the port area of Rotterdam last week. Bridge even got to take its own little cruise down the Maas, from the site of its manufacturing to its forever home! But though Bridge loved the ride, all Bridge has ever wanted to do is sit there and help the cars cross and when asked politely, to get out of the way of boats. Perhaps even, one day, of Boat.