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Underexplained Lists

Colds, Ranked

A man is standing on an igloo, in the near and far distance, there is snow for miles and miles in Greenland, 1953.
Pictorial Parade/Archive Photos/Getty Images

The warmths were once ranked. But true connoisseurs of temperature understand that the colds offer even greater pleasures.

  1. Clambering out of stuffy bar into the winter wind cold
  2. Ecologically catastrophic air-conditioned lobby in a tropical country cold
  3. Unseasonal beach plunge cold
  4. Unseasonal lake plunge cold
  5. Self-baptism in ice water after workout cold
  6. Walk-in beer freezer cold
  7. Desert nighttime cold
  8. Sunny mountaintop cold
  9. Playing in the snowy backyard cold
  10. Wide-open bedroom window cold
  11. Spa cold tub cold
  12. Chilled beverage held against skin cold
  13. Pressing face up against glass cold
  14. Ceramic tile floor cold
  15. Costco produce room cold
  16. Getting hit by the ice cream truck cold
  17. First thing in the morning cold shower cold