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Oh shit, things are heating up in the AFC North! It’s getting spicy between the Baltimore Ravens, who have lost three regular-season games since the start of the 2019 season, and the Bengals, who have won as many in the same timeframe. Sparks are flying! Too bad we’ll have to wait until Week 17, whenever that actually will be, to see this feud progress.

The beef between the two teams was prompted by three meaningless points. Last weekend, Bengals coach Zac Taylor dialed up a 38-yard field goal with his team trailing 27-0 with 37 seconds left. Randy Bullock nailed it, denying the Ravens a shutout and enraging Ravens defensive coordinator Don Martindale. He’s had it, bro:

Asked for his reaction when the Bengals kicked the field goal, Martindale said Thursday, “[Taylor] knew what it was because it was awful quiet when I yelled it across the field. There are some people that take that as a victory. We’ll see. We’ll have plenty to talk about the next time we play them.”


Oh, it is on! That’s perfect bulletin-board material for a Week 17 game which in all likelihood Lamar Jackson probably won’t start. This has all the makings of a heated divisional matchup that will likely end up being played in the middle of the work week, and closer to the end of January than the beginning, after America has endured two or three more COVID-19 spikes. Clear your schedules, tentatively!