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Giri Nathan

Staff writer at Defector.

I Like When Anthony Edwards Describes How Professional Basketball Is Hard


Zion Williamson Should Not Rest Until He Has Bowled Over Everything In His Path

Zion Williamson

The Players At The Australian Open Might Never Leave Those Hotel Rooms

A tennis player is seen practicing serve inside her hotel room.

The Lakers Live In An Alternate Dimension

LeBron James laughs in pregame warmups.

What Is Kyrie Irving Doing?

Kyrie Irving has the look of disappointment on court.

Flap Your Wings

Defector Up All Night

You Can Only Start So Many Fires Before Your House Burns Down


The ‘Autobiography Of Red’ Left Us Considering Volcanoes Very Strongly

Defector Reads A Book

Steph Curry Go Boom

Steph Curry celebrates a make with Draymond Green.

A Brief, Intolerable Investigation Into Weird Bronny James Rumors

This Is So Stupid
Bronny James looks on during a basketball game.

Going On Runs

Video Games
Slay the spire

The Sports Highlight Of The Day Is This 65-Year-Old Kung Fu Practitioner Accepting Tree Trunks To The Balls

Sports Highlight Of The Day

James Harden Came Home

Defector Up All Night

Maybe James Harden Will Continue Partying Until He’s Off The Houston Rockets


Joakim Noah Got Ugly To Make Basketball Pretty


An Interview With The Creators Of A Bot That Spits Out A Random NBA Play Every Three Hours

Derrick Favors of the Utah Jazz grabs a rebound as Damian Lillard, Meyers Leonard, and C.J. McCollum of the Portland Trail Blazers look on

Bro, This New ‘Beowulf’ Translation Is Pretty Tight

Defector Reads A Book

LaMelo Ball’s Old Poem Is Good


Olga Sharypova’s Accusations Against Alexander Zverev Have Shown The ATP’s Limits

Alexander Zverev hits a forehand.

Does James Wiseman Envision Himself Blocking Shots, Rebounding, Running The Floor, And Guarding His Position For The Warriors, If Selected?

Projected 2020 lottery pick James Wiseman looks up.
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