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St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright was in the Fox Sports booth for the third and final Braves-Marlins game this afternoon, and as a blowout Braves win dragged into the late innings, the broadcast got to check out some aerial shots of the Space Center south of Houston. Wainwright took the opportunity to estimate how many of his teammates think the Earth is flat.

“I had to battle half my team thinking the Earth is flat this year,” Wainwright said. “They think we’ve never been to the moon, and all kinds of crazy stuff. We’ve got a bunch of flat-earthers. Smartest guy on the team, Paul DeJong, is a flat-earther.”

DeJong’s agent quickly clarified, via Jon Heyman, that Wainwright was joking about his client. He noted that DeJong has a biochemistry degree, though he never explicitly said what shape the Cardinals shortstop thinks the Earth is.

Biochemistry and geodesy are quite disparate fields. Hmm.

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